A New, Free Tool for Calculating Church Staff Salaries
Step-by-step worksheet helps pinpoint appropriate pay ranges.

One of the best resource books for determining church staff pay, The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, now offers a free, easy-to-use tool for church leaders. The "Free Compensation Handbook Worksheets Download," walks church leaders through The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, helping them identify a range of values that they can use to determine a starting salary for a new hire or a raise for a current employee, or to make an assessment of how fair–or unfair–a pastor or staff member's current pay is.

Based on a national survey of nearly 5,000 churches, The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff provides reliable church employee compensation breakdowns for a variety of scenarios, including part-time and full-time positions. This information can be used to compare a church's payroll plan, or an individual's salary situation, with information from those of thousands of other church workers nationwide. The information is organized by position, as well as other factors, including geography and demographics. Compensation profiles are then organized by categories so you can easily determine base salary, retirement, health insurance, and housing allowance.

Using the new "Free Compensation Handbook Worksheets Download," church leaders can take personalized church data, such as worship attendance, church region, education level, years employed, and denomination, reference The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff's range of data using helpful step-by-step instructions provided in the worksheet, and then develop a unique compensation package range for most any church staff position.

You can find The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff and accompanying free worksheet for calculating church staff pay at http://store.churchlawtodaystore.com/20cohaforchs1.html. The free worksheets are the third order button listed.

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April 25, 2011  11:05am

Todd– The 2010-2011 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff (and the upcoming 2012-2013 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff) provides the following tables for 13 different church positions: * Church income * Worship attendance * Church setting * Region * Education * Years employed * Denomination * Gender For your question, are you referencing the book or just the downloadable worksheets? The book provides some geographic-specific information–although it may not be drilled down to the specific variables you need.

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April 22, 2011  12:02pm

Is there a way to get more specific church data for a specific region, church size, budget, and membership. Data has geographic, but not subsets of geographic for other variables.

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February 21, 2011  9:31am

Brad–I'm sorry if you ran into a problem. The URL for the current National Church Compensation Survey is http://churchlawandtax.com/survey.php Best, Matt

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February 18, 2011  9:53pm

Hi Matt The link to your survey does not seem to be working. Brad

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January 17, 2011  9:05am

Kirk, The survey for the 2012-2013 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff is underway at http://churchlawandtax.com/survey.php The results and analysis will publish mid-year. Best, Matt

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Kirk Christensen

January 15, 2011  3:06pm

The 2010-2011 edition appears to be the same one I purchased in January 2010. Is there not an updated version this year?

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December 06, 2010  8:43am

The file is a pdf. Thanks for alerting us to this issue the file has been updated in the store so it should have the file extension in the name for any future downloads.

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Barbara Bower

December 03, 2010  11:38am

I renamed the file by adding a .pdf to the end and it opened just fine.

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Edward Carter

December 03, 2010  11:01am

Just downloaded the "free tool" that you advertised, but there's no file name extension and cannot tell what program opens the file. Tried Excel since it's a "work file", but that did not work. Please advise. Pel Carter Northwest Christian Church

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Richard Smith

November 27, 2010  8:53am

thanks for sharing

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