Why the National Church Compensation Survey Matters
Radio interview touches on pay, benefits for pastors and staff

John Clemens with IRN USA Radio recently interviewed Matt Branaugh about Christianity Today International's National Church Compensation Survey. In this six-minute clip (which aired on more than 1,100 stations nationally), you'll hear more details about the importance of this survey, and why every church leader should care, including:

* How boards can effectively use the data gleaned from this survey to set pay packages;

* How pastors and others can use the data to understand their own pay situations;

* How churches possess a unique opportunity to set examples in their communities regarding fair pay.

Church Compensation Survey 02172011.mp3

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March 22, 2011  11:34am

B–I'm sorry. I'm not aware of such a survey. Best of luck in your efforts.

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March 21, 2011  1:17pm

I am curious if anyone knows of a study like this for ministries outside of the church. I serve on a pregnancy center board with a $500k budget, however, when it comes to assigning salaries we find ourselves shooting in the dark as it is not equitable to compare with either a church salary or a nonprofit fundraiser.

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