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For Denominational Offices and Parachurch Ministries

Can we make copies of articles that we find on ChurchLawAndTax.com for other people, such as our staff, ministers in congregations, missionaries, or colleagues? No, that is a violation of copyright law. You can make one copy for your own personal use. If you want to make more than one copy, you must obtain advance permission from the copyright owner.

Are there any materials on the ChurchLawAndTax.com site that we can make copies of without violating copyright law or getting advance permission?

Yes, but restrictions apply. Active subscribers can make copies of the email newsletter content from both the Church Law & Tax Update and the Church Treasurer Update for internal office use.

What does "internal office use" mean?

It means that you can make copies for staff members who all work at the same location in the same building. You cannot make copies for any other individual, group, congregation, or ministry.

Our Annual Subscription authorizes the sharing of our Login and Password with any member of our paid staff. Doesn't that permit us to make copies of materials that are available on ChurchLawAndTax.com if we only use them for our paid staff members?

No, there is a bit of a distinction. Your Annual Subscription provides access to all the members of your church so they can individually go online and make their own personal copy, but it does not provide you the right to make copies. You must obtain advance permission from the copyright owner to make copies.

Can we email articles that we find on the site to someone else, such as our staff members, pastors, field workers, missionaries, or to a friend?

No, that is a violation of the terms of agreement and copyright law. You must obtain advance permission from the copyright owner.

Can we print articles from ChurchLawAndTax.com in our newsletter or other publications?

No, that is a violation of copyright law. You must obtain advance permission from the copyright owner.

We are a denominational agency or parachurch ministry and have purchased an Annual Subscription. With whom can we share the password?

Subscription privileges for denominational agencies and parachurch ministries are limited strictly to paid employees who work together in a single building. The following examples clarify the appropriate use of the subscription privileges.

Example 1. A Diocese and a denominational agency each purchase an Annual Subscription. They cannot share the Password and ID with any missionary, congregation, or parish within their jurisdiction. Nor can they reprint articles or any other information from the site and distribute it in any means whatsoever to the churches with which they work. Rather, each individual congregation or parish must purchase its own individual subscription.

Example 2. A parachurch organization has its headquarters in Colorado Springs. The organization also has staff members serving in other cities throughout the United States. The organization purchases an Annual Subscription. Only paid employees who work at the Colorado Springs headquarters can access the site. Staff members, who work in other cities, or even in other locations in Colorado Springs, must obtain their own subscription accounts.

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