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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

How can churches raise awareness around the issue of child sexual abuse—and take steps to prevent it?
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In recognizing National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Church Law & Tax is offering free access to five articles on this topic throughout the month of April. Additionally, any orders placed for our newly-revised awareness training program Reducing the Risk on ChurchLawAndTaxStore.com will receive free shipping with the coupon code "rtr417" (coupon expires at the end of April).
Building Cash Reserves

Building Cash Reserves Subscriber access only

Creating financial strength for times of uncertainty.
Six Debt Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor

Six Debt Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor Subscriber access only

These calculations offer key clues about the health of the church's finances.
Setting Staff Salaries

Setting Staff Salaries Subscriber access only

Churches often fail to count the hidden costs of poor salaries.
Communicating Financial Information to Church Leaders

Communicating Financial Information to Church Leaders Subscriber access only

Effectively reporting key data to board and committee members.
Responding to Financial Realities

Responding to Financial Realities Subscriber access only

What to do when either giving or expenses—or both—don’t go according to plan.
Immigration Law and the Church

Immigration Law and the Church

Welcoming undocumented immigrants into church and recruiting them to work or volunteer.
Understanding Church Insurance

Understanding Church Insurance

Understand your church's insurance needs to be assured you have adequate coverage.