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Church Finance Today

What's New, April 2016 Subscriber access only

Ten Tax Developments Your Church Must Know
Church Law & Tax Report

Ten Tax Developments Your Church Must Know Subscriber access only

How churches and clergy are affected for 2015 filings—and beyond.
Monks' Sexual Abuses • Emanuel AME Money • Suing over Donation’s Use: News Roundup
Managing Your Church Blog

Monks' Sexual Abuses • Emanuel AME Money • Suing over Donation’s Use: News Roundup

This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders.
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Church Finance Today

When Gifts Come with Strings Attached Subscriber access only

How churches can avoid trouble with a strong gift acceptance policy.
Church Finance Today

Including Churches as Insurance Beneficiaries Subscriber access only

Can a church be named as a beneficiary under a life insurance policy?
Church Law & Tax Report

Q&A: Understanding Undue Influence Subscriber access only

Avoiding Tax Pitfalls of Short-Term Mission Trips
Church Finance Today

Avoiding Tax Pitfalls of Short-Term Mission Trips Subscriber access only

Handling fundraising, expenditures for maximum tax benefits.
Church Finance Today

5 Ways to Inspire Generosity Subscriber access only

What you can do today to boost offerings at church.
Church Finance Today

I Want My Money Back Subscriber access only

What to do when donors ask for a refund of their designated contributions.
Church Finance Today

Pay It Forward Subscriber access only

Teach your congregation to give well into the future.
Church Finance Today

Tips for Charitable Giving Subscriber access only

IRS issues new guidance on IRAs, noncash and cash donations.
Church Finance Today

Defending Against Claims of Discrimination Subscriber access only

Why financial misconduct defense trumped sexual harassment claim in NC case.
Church Finance Today

Enforcing Designated Gifts to Charity Subscriber access only

Court rules church and school lack standing to enforce a charitable trust.
Church Law & Tax Report

The Enforcement or Return of Donors' Designated Gifts Subscriber access only

Church Law & Tax Report

Fundraising and Designated Gifts Subscriber access only

Church board members may be personally liable for diverting designated funds or trust funds to some other purpose.
Church Finance Today

Avoiding "Undue Influence" in the Preparation of Wills Subscriber access only

Assisting in the preparation of a will can cause potential legal trouble in the future.
Church Law & Tax Report

Wills and Estates Subscriber access only

An Indiana court addressed the important question of whether a designated gift to charity is legally enforceable.
Church Finance Today

The Indian Ocean Tsunami Relief Act Subscriber access only

What church treasurers need to know.

Designated Contributions—Missionaries Subscriber access only

1–20 of 59 matches