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Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

What these documents do—and don't do—based on statutes and court decisions made nationwide.
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Understanding Wage and Overtime Laws Subscriber access only

Is this church subject to federal minimum wage and overtime compensation laws?
Calculating Overtime

Calculating Overtime Subscriber access only

Incorrectly paying employees can leave churches exposed to lawsuits.
Church Finance Today

The "Family Friendly Workplace Act" Subscriber access only

Study finds that most prefer comp time to overtime.
Church Finance Today

The New Minimum Wage  Subscriber access only

An update on the current federal minimum wage.
Church Finance Today

Do We Need to Pay Minimum Wage and Overtime?  Subscriber access only

Four questions to check if requirements apply to your church.
Church Finance Today

The Fair Labor Standards Act and the New Minimum Wage Subscriber access only

What churches need to know about paying non-exempt employees.
Church Finance Today

Top 10 Mistakes Made with Non-Exempt Employees Subscriber access only

Things church treasurers should avoid.
Church Finance Today

Exempt Employees: What You Can and Cannot Do Subscriber access only

An explanatory chart for church leaders.
Church Finance Today

Who's Exempt From the Fair Labor Standards Act? Subscriber access only

What churches need to know about hourly versus salaried employees.
Church Finance Today

Overtime for Employees Who Volunteer Subscriber access only

Are churches required to pay employees overtime for their volunteer hours?
Church Law & Tax Report

Overtime Pay for Work-Related Smartphone Use Subscriber access only

Follow these steps to reduce your risk of overtime liability.
Church Finance Today

Liability Policy Does Not Cover Overtime Pay Awards Subscriber access only

Court notes the exclusion was noted in the "clear and explicit language of the policy."
Church Finance Today

The New Overtime Pay Rules Subscriber access only

What church treasurers need to know.
Church Finance Today

Department of Labor Redefines "Exempt Employees" Subscriber access only

Minimum wage and overtime pay rules will apply to more church employees.
Church Finance Today

Analyzing the Use of "Comp Time" Subscriber access only

Federal law does not recognize most "comp time" arrangements.
Church Law & Tax Report

Must Churches Pay Overtime and the Minimum Wage? Subscriber access only

A federal court addresses the issue.
Church Law & Tax Report

Church Employee Sues for Overtime Wages Subscriber access only

Have an attorney who is familiar with FLSA review your policy manual.
Church Finance Today

Must Churches Pay Accrued "Comp Time"? Subscriber access only

A New York court addresses an important question.

Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay - Part 1 Subscriber access only

What to know about the Fair Labor Standards Act

Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay - Part 2 Subscriber access only

Do churches need to pay for overtime?
1–20 of 53 matches