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Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

What these documents do—and don't do—based on statutes and court decisions made nationwide.
Managing Your Church Blog

Q&A: Are Proceeds From the Church Community Center Taxable?

A prime outreach opportunity raises financial, tax considerations.
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Church Law & Tax Report

Release Forms Subscriber access only

Have your insurance agent and an attorney review releases before you use them.
Church Law & Tax Report

Who Is Covered on a Release Form? Subscriber access only

Woman injured on inflatable obstacle course sues facility.
Church Law & Tax Report

Legal Enforceability of Release Forms Subscriber access only

Injured skier sues resort.
Church Law & Tax Report

Conspicuously Display Provisions on Release Forms Subscriber access only

Woman injured while receiving instruction sues fitness center.
Church Law & Tax Report

Ensuring Release Forms Don't Violate Public Policy Subscriber access only

Woman sues exercise club for injuries sustained there.
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Waivers and Release Forms Subscriber access only

How important is it to obtain medical and liability release forms before sponsoring mission trips?
Church Law & Tax Report

Creating a Severance Agreement Subscriber access only

An effective way to avoid employee disputes.
Church Law & Tax Report

The Guinn Case Subscriber access only

Church Law & Tax Report

Recent Developments in Oklahoma Regarding Releases Subscriber access only

An Oklahoma court ruled that a release signed by a skydiving student prevented him from suing a skydiving facility following an accident in which he was severely injured.
1–11 of 11 matches