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Embezzlement, detection, investigation, prevention

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How Fraud Happens in Churches

How Fraud Happens in Churches Subscriber access only

Preventing financial malfeasance in God’s treasury.
Fraud and Your Church

Fraud and Your Church

Five infographics to help assess your internal controls and possible vulnerabilities.
IRS Renews Alert About W-2 Scam
How Fraud Is Detected

How Fraud Is Detected

Infographic: Management review, account reconciliation, and the other ways in which fraud is found out.
Six Ways Churches Can Thwart New Email Threat

Six Ways Churches Can Thwart New Email Threat Subscriber access only

Sophisticated messages can appear to come from a leader in the targeted church.
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Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards

Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards

Church board members should have a basic understanding of these financial issues.
Preventing High-Tech Fraud

Preventing High-Tech Fraud

Prevent embezzlement through electronic funds transfers, identity theft, and computer forgery. 

Essential Guide to Church Finances

Strategize, organize, measure, communicate, protect, and audit the numbers for your ministry.