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Church Bylaws

What problems could we create by amending them?

Although our church has bylaws in place, we do not operate strictly according to these as a body. If we amend them to reflect how we operate now, will that create any problems?

A church that is not following the provisions of its bylaws could certainly run into trouble. Bylaws are a critical component of church operations. Yet, in many churches, they are filed away, forgotten and ignored. Church bylaws spell out who will run the ministry and how it will operate. Key organizational issues typically addressed in the bylaws include:

  • Who in the church is authorized to make various decisions, including major financial decisions;
  • How the governing board is organized;
  • The relationship between the governing board and the congregation;
  • Who has authority to make hiring and firing decisions involving pastors and staff;
  • When and how meetings of the governing board and the congregation will occur;

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April 20, 2009

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Andrea Wood

April 27, 2016  8:28pm

After making changes to the bylaws do they need to be submitted to the IRS or state?

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David G.

November 29, 2011  2:28pm

if the bylaws state that a quorum must exist in order for any vote to be binding, then that is the rule that is binding. The method of changing the bylaws are usually made a part of the bylaws, and the change procedure must be followed. In my opinion, if you have a church meeting and a quorum is not present, you can conduct the meeting, but no binding vote can be taken on any subject.

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October 27, 2011  8:13pm

If you do not have the quorum of the congregation stated in the current bylaws and want to vote on changes made to the bylaws does the Pastor or anyone else have the right to change what the quorum should be in order to vote.

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