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Tax Calendar

Important deadlines for churches and ministers
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Key Tax Dates June 2021

Review housing allowance designations, make quarterly payments, and meet monthly or semiweekly requirements.

Key Tax Dates May 2021

Along with monthly and semiweekly requirements, note quarterly filing, individual tax returns and contributions, and forms pertinent to your church or ministry.

Key Tax Dates April 2021

Important notice for filing returns, key quarterly deadlines, and more.

Key Tax Dates March 2021

Monthly and semiweekly requirements for depositing payroll taxes.

Key Tax Dates February 2021

Key forms, including W-2s, 1099-NECs, Form 941s, and more, come due this month.

Key Tax Dates January 2021

Along with semiweekly and monthly requirements, note payroll tax rates for 2021 and review employee W-4s.