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The 10 Commandments of Church Management
Apply these principles to stay legal and keep your witness intact.
Resolving Conflict in the Church Office
5 ways to biblically approach a disagreement
Prevent Volunteer Burnout
Three biblical models for lasting, effective ministry.
Church Budgets: How Much for Staff, Buildings, and Ministry?
An executive pastor suggests a different analysis of expenses.
Get Organized!
Tips and tricks from an efficiency expert.
How to Handle Disruptive People
When you need to ask someone to leave your church.
    Reading the Fine Print
    What Computers and Phones Do Church Staff Need?
    Answers to common questions about computers and phones.
    Become a Church Law & Tax Member



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    Board Member Orientation

    Board Member Orientation Member access only

    The concise and complete guide to nonprofit board service
    Best Practices for Receiving Charitable Contributions

    Best Practices for Receiving Charitable Contributions  Member access only

    Practical help and clear understanding on issues surrounding charitable contributions.