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Handling Online Activities with Care
Tips every church office should post for email and Internet use.
Church Business Practices are a Witness—Good or Bad
How you run the business of church speaks loudly to your community.
Wandering Church Assets
How best to track church laptops, power adapters, and other moving items
Safely Depositing Weekly Collections
One church nearly loses $7,000 in offerings.
Preventing Identity Theft at Church
What church leaders can do to protect sensitive information.
Eight Tips for Securing Church Property
Don’t let burglars get the best of your ministry.
Is the Church Treasurer Really the "Worship Pastor"?
Why word choice may undermine tithing and other acts of worship.
Renting Out Extra Space May Cost Churches
One Idaho church receives an unexpected tax bill.
New Crib Regulations Affect Churches
What ministries should note about changing federal rules.
Religious Employment Under High Court's Focus This Week
No review of World Vision case; 'ministerial exception' consideration next.
Tax Scammers in Person
Teams of people posing as tax service companies knock on church doors.
Pastors Shot in Florida Church
Church shooting reminds us to create procedures to help protect our staff and parishioners.
Who Owns a Pastor's Sermons?
Most clergy are shocked when they learn the answer.
Six Steps for Handling Fraud
What to do when your church has been embezzled.
One Church Receives an Unexpected Tax Bill
Why churches must understand unrelated business income.
One Solution to Education Cutbacks
As schools continue cuts, your church faces an incredible opportunity for service.
Fraudulent Calls to Churches
Responding to desperate requests for help.
Social Media Background Checks
Clever tool or legal minefield?
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Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability Member access only

What these documents do—and don't do—based on statutes and court decisions made nationwide.
Understanding Church Insurance

Understanding Church Insurance Member access only

Understand your church's insurance needs to be assured you have adequate coverage.