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August 2011

One Church Receives an Unexpected Tax Bill
Why churches must understand unrelated business income.
A New Look for the Managing Your Church Blog
Helping keep churches safe, legal, and financially sound.
One Solution to Education Cutbacks
As schools continue cuts, your church faces an incredible opportunity for service.
When Someone Disrupts the Church Service
How to respond to a disruptive—and possibly dangerous—person.
Fraudulent Calls to Churches
Responding to desperate requests for help.
Social Media Background Checks
Clever tool or legal minefield?
Churches: Get Your I-9s in Order!
Feds cracking down on employers' immigration records
Surge in Copper Theft Continues for Churches
Air conditioners are being destroyed and stolen
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The 2019 State of Church Compensation Report

The 2019 State of Church Compensation Report Member access only

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Avoiding Church Lawsuits

Avoiding Church Lawsuits Member access only

Create proactive procedures to avoid common reasons why churches most often go to court.