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February 2011

Holiday Pushes Back Due Date for Taxes
Federal tax-filers get a few extra days.
Online Resource for Church Law and Tax Help
ChurchLawAndTax.com offers leaders comprehensive info
Help for Pastors During Tax Season
Upcoming resources to help wade through tax laws that affect clergy.
Evangelicals and Money: Stingy, Generous, or Just Right?
Eight voices weigh in on the generosity of American Christians.
Ten Steps to Tax Reporting
A new, free PDF offers helpful payroll tax reminders for churches.
When Tithe Doesn't Mean Tenth
Average income given to churches appears on the decline.
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Understanding Labor Laws

Understanding Labor Laws Member access only

Best practices for complying with regulations that pertain to hiring, firing, paying, disciplining, and supervising ministry employees.
Understanding Church Insurance

Understanding Church Insurance Member access only

Understand your church's insurance needs to be assured you have adequate coverage.