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July 2011

Scammers 'Phishing' for Your Money
If free money sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Keeping Kids Safe at Camp
How sex offenders infiltrate church ministries
The Proposed Charitable Deduction Change
Differing views on whether a change will affect giving to churches.
The Pluses of Google+ for Church Leaders
How churches can benefit from Google’s latest social media tool.
Letters to Potential Donors of Mission Trips
Wording is more important than you might think.
'Most Significant Religious Case in 20 Years'
The 'ministerial exception' rule faces its day with Supreme Court.
Cyber Crime: Coming to a Church Near You?
Hackers steal $680,000 from Iowa church.
Creating a Disaster Relief Ministry
Churches care for those facing disasters in their communities.
Social Media Agreements—A New Normal?
One conference’s policy shows how serious some churches view Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.
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The 2019 State of Church Compensation Report

The 2019 State of Church Compensation Report Member access only

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Confronting Gun Violence at Church

Confronting Gun Violence at Church Member access only

Help your congregation feel secure in your house of worship.