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June 2011

Setting the Record Straight on Group Exemptions
Despite some claims, IRS revocations aren't in store.
Are Churches an Easy Target for Vandalism and Burglary?
Vandalism and burglaries are a real threat—prepare your church.
IRS Revokes Tax-exempt Status of Church-run Agency
275,000 nonprofits lost their tax-exempt status—some may be church-run
Group Drops Case Against Pastor Housing Allowances
But battles loom as more challenges are promised.
Show Me the Money
The most important financial report your church needs each month.
The Top Three Reasons Fraud Happens at Church
And what you can do to prevent it
More Analysis on the Pastor Housing Allowance Challenge
Supreme Court ruling may hurt standing of FFRF's case.
How to Manage Risk at Church
Four steps to develop a risk management plan
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