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September 2011

Staying Afloat Amid Information Overload
Can church leaders get much-needed breaks in a communications-saturated world?
Tax Scammers in Person
Teams of people posing as tax service companies knock on church doors.
Pastors Shot in Florida Church
Church shooting reminds us to create procedures to help protect our staff and parishioners.
Who Owns a Pastor's Sermons?
Most clergy are shocked when they learn the answer.
Seattle Hayride Crash Injures Youth Group, Leaders
A bale of fun, or the last straw for church liability?
Church Puts Property Up for Sale After Tax Dispute
City says land can be assessed.
Six Steps for Handling Fraud
What to do when your church has been embezzled.
A Good Time to Launch a Church Building Campaign?
Advice on expensive church projects in a time of economic turmoil.
What's Wrong with Credit Card Debt?
Are they financial tools or charging us into sin?
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Understanding Church Insurance

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Essential Guide to Children's Ministry Safety

Essential Guide to Children's Ministry Safety Subscriber access only

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