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March 2012

With Fraud Prevention, Patience and Planning Reign Supreme
How to deal with the fear of mismanaged funds in churches.
Churchgoers Restrain Gunman During Sunday Service
Quick action helped prevent a shooting this past weekend.
Needed Church Decisions, Unavoidable Risk: Part 3
Setting the church's direction shouldn't require blind obedience.
What Is Your Hope for the Church?
Tell us yours and then read what others are saying.
Needed Church Decisions, Unavoidable Risk: Part 2
Why commitment and considering the good of many is key in your decision.
Needed Church Decisions, Unavoidable Risk: Part 1
Leaders sometimes need to make tough—even risky—decisions to keep the church unified and healthy.
IRS Issues Alert for Scam Targeting Church Members, Seniors
Watch for these warning signs as scam circulates country.
Proper Payroll Withholdings Critical for Churches
Those who don't do it right face stiff penalties.
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Church Governance

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