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Are Churches Legally Required to Issue Statements for Every Contribution?
Reader: What about a one-time donation of only $10?
Church Bulletins: What's Trending?
8 trends worth noting as you evaluate your own use of bulletins.
Salaries as a Percentage of Church Budget
Why churches must get the right balance, especially for a mortgage loan.
May All Your Christmas Services Be Merry ... and Legal
Songs you can sing without the Grinch showing up with his team of lawyers.
7 Common Financial Control Problems
Address these common issues before trouble surfaces.
23 Defining Factors of a Healthy Church
These particular indicators have nothing to do with numerical growth.
3 Steps to Keep Criminals from Targeting Your Church
Property prep, community relations, and common sense can go a long way.
4 Ingredients for an Effective Accounting System
Don't let sloppy or poor accounting practices compromise your church's finances.
5 Tips for a Safe One-on-One Mentoring Program
Guidelines and safeguards for an effective adult mentoring ministry.
6 Steps to Prevent Fraud
Protect your church from fraudulent activities.
15 All-too-Common Church Facility Problems
Set a high standard for maintenance, safety, and overall look of your building.
Building Your Leadership Team
Consider the pros and cons of cultivating staff from within your congregation.
9 Key Guidelines for Staff Meetings
These field-tested principles should work for almost any leadership situation.
The 3 Best Times to Introduce Change in Your Church
How to successfully fix problems and implement change.
How Churches Spend Their Money
IRS May Look Into Activities of 99 Churches
Agency appears ready to monitor church political activity again.
11 Reasons Your Church May Need a Lawyer
There are other reasons besides lawsuits that call for legal advice.
5 Best Practices for "Other Ministry Income"
Guidelines for dealing with money that's not a part of your regular salary.
Is Your Facility Safe?
What OSHA can teach you about creating a safer church for staff, contracted workers, and the entire congregation.
Four Tips for Handling Zoning Issues
Minimize tension and avoid costly legal battles.
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Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards

Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards  Member access only

Church board members should have a basic understanding of these financial issues.
Church Issues: Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Identity

Church Issues: Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Identity Member access only

Richard Hammar reviews public accommodations laws.