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August 2014

How Churches Spend Their Money
High Risk Youth Activities
What churches should know about swimming events and trampolines.
Responding to Media about a Church Crisis
Prepare today to help avoid or minimize damaging effects.
Many Churches Are Reaching Out to Illegal Immigrants
An immigration attorney sees no legal issues related to allowing undocumented immigrants in your services.
The Taxes Churches Have to Pay
Richard Hammar says expert guidance is needed to understand tax laws.
.church Domain Names Available Soon
5 reasons your church should consider registering one soon
3 Steps for Avoiding Financial Crisis
How to create a healthy and God-honoring budget.
IRS May Look Into Activities of 99 Churches
Agency appears ready to monitor church political activity again.
IRS Commits to Auditing Churches
But details about procedures are kept secret.
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Immigration & the Church

Immigration & the Church Member access only

Keep your church safe and legal and as you strive to serve the immigrant communities in your context.
Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability

Church Issues: Waivers and Release Forms and Church Liability Member access only

What these documents do—and don't do—based on statutes and court decisions made nationwide.