Church Management Roundup
Five trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week.
Church Management Roundup

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2. Megachurches skew younger than expected. In Not Who You Think They Are, Leadership Network's Warren Bird and Hartford Seminary's Scott Thumma provide demographics research on those who attend churches averaging 2,000 people or more in weekly attendance. While many believe megachurches are a "Baby Boomer" phenomenon (individuals born between 1946 and 1964), the researchers say not so: 62 percent are between the ages of 18 and 44, and 31 percent have never been married (compared to all churches, in which 35 percent are between 18 and 44 and 10 percent have never been married) ("Who Attends America's Megachurches?" by Warren Bird and Scott Thumma,

3. When meetings are sure to fail. "You definitely should not schedule a meeting if:

  • The subject isn't worth everyone's time.
  • Group members are upset and aren't ready to talk.
  • The issue is better handled one-on-one.
  • You need to get a lot of individual opinions"

("Running Meetings,"

4. Is it time to delegate? "A common misunderstanding among leaders is that delegating is about giving away tasks you don't want to do. The delegation conversation is really a development conversation and understanding how to communicate what is expected, who owns what, and where you want to see members of your team grow. When leaders delegate effectively, they are looking at what responsibilities are no longer the best use of their time and what skill gaps on their team can be closed. Below are three best practices:

  • Manage your to-do list. If [a task] is not central to achieving your goals or supporting your team, it is no longer the best use of your time.
  • Create a common language. Having a defined language is important because oftentimes when we delegate there can be misunderstanding about what projects your direct report needs to keep you in the loop on and what responsibilities they can act on autonomously.
  • Help your team partner. Have your team create accountability partners to keep each other on track about things like time management and deadlines"

("3 Delegation Best Practices for First-Time Managers,"

5. Assessing job satisfaction. "The goal to a happier work life, then, is to find a way to recognize past successes, which ... is as simple as asking the following three questions every single work day: (1) What am I thankful for today? (2) What did I enjoy today? (3) What am I satisfied with today?" ("3 Questions to Ask Yourself Daily to Feel More Satisfied at Work," by Rebecca Greenfield,

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