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9 Ways to Shepherd Church Staff
How to encourage and help your co-laborers in ministry.
    A “First” in Religious Organization Discrimination • IRA Exclusion Renewal? • Sex Offender Bible Teacher: News Roundup
    This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders.
    5 Common Security Questions Churches Ask
    And answers to them.
    Asking for Appropriate Compensation
    Compensation packages should be based on the work done, not life circumstances or gender.
    The Top Church Management Conferences for 2016
    Training across the nation to gain knowledge in financial, legal, and risk matters.
    Tips for Christmas Event Safety
    Beautiful decorations can be hazards if you’re not careful.
    The 8 Best Ways to Spread Information to Your Congregation
    Use these different tools—both print and online—to effectively communicate to everyone in your church.
    BREAKING—New Email Scam Targets Nonprofit Leaders
    Even people who normally spot fraudulent emails fall for this.
    Responding to a Dangerous or Suspicious Person at Church
    The right words, said the right way at the right time, can help ease tense situations.
    A Tax Reminder for Church Bulletins
    Before the end of the year, send this message to your congregation.
    Do Your Staff and Volunteers Use Cell Phones while Driving on Church Business?
    A new study shows more distractions exist behind the wheel, including voice commands to dial.
    16 Tips for Writing Charitable Contribution Statements
    The “how” of sending contribution statements can make all the difference.
    When a Child Complained about a Volunteer's Physical Affection
    My leadership team faced a difficult decision.
    Do Churches Practice Age Discrimination in Hiring?
    Six general trends I've seen.
    How Thorough Is Your Reference Check?
    Check if these six key pieces are on your forms.
    Giving Is Low—Are You Neglecting the Topic?
    Why people should hear us talk more about generosity.
    Protecting Special Needs Adults
    Part 3 in a series on creating a safe, welcoming ministry.
    Microsoft Resolves Office 365 Charity Licensing Issue for Churches
    The restrictions related to nonprofits receiving a discount have changed.
    Protecting Children in Special Needs Ministry
    Part 2 in a series on creating a safe, welcoming space for those with physical or mental disabilities.
    Start with "Hi"
    Joni and Friends Supervisor Mike Dobes on why saying hello is the best way to minister to individuals with special needs.
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    Essential Guide to Liabilities and Duties for Church Boards

    Essential Guide to Liabilities and Duties for Church Boards Member access only

    Be aware of ways you can expose yourself to personal legal liability.
    Managing the Legal Risks of Lay Counseling

    Managing the Legal Risks of Lay Counseling Member access only

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