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April 2015

Will Your Church's Insurance Policy Cover an Abuse Claim?
Why your leaders must review insurance coverages before something ever happens.
Common Church Board Blind Spots
Facts worth noting as you plan your board's next meeting agenda
Solving High Food Expenses at Church
Examination and innovation can often yield cost savings.
The State of Abuse Prevention in the Church
Awareness of the issue has grown, and caring for victims of past abuse is key
When to Postpone or Cancel Church Events
Guidelines for when safety and prudence trump the church’s schedule
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
How to reduce this risk in your church
How to Respond to Reports of Child Abuse
Reasons why training and a legal and ministry-minded response plan are needed
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Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards

Essential Guide to Money for Church Boards  Member access only

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12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers Member access only

Essential knowledge to ensure legal and financial clarity and integrity in ministry.