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December 2015

9 Ways to Shepherd Church Staff
How to encourage and help your co-laborers in ministry.
5 Common Security Questions Churches Ask
And answers to them.
The Top Church Management Conferences for 2016
Training across the nation to gain knowledge in financial, legal, and risk matters.
Tips for Christmas Event Safety
Beautiful decorations can be hazards if you’re not careful.
The 8 Best Ways to Spread Information to Your Congregation
Use these different tools—both print and online—to effectively communicate to everyone in your church.
Email Scam Targets Nonprofit Leaders
Even people who normally spot fraudulent emails fall for this.
Become a Church Law & Tax Member



Let ChurchSalary do the work. Get personalized compensation reports for staff and pastors.

Understanding Labor Laws

Understanding Labor Laws Member access only

Regulations that pertain to hiring, firing, paying, disciplining, and supervising ministry employees.
Managing the Legal Risks of Lay Counseling

Managing the Legal Risks of Lay Counseling Member access only

Develop specific policies and procedures that protect your church, lay caregivers, and those who receive care.