The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2015
Articles that drew the most interest on
The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2015

The most popular articles on this year reflect major tax and law changes and have many tips about how to manage the variety of tasks done in the church office. This list is based on unique page views in 2015 and articles published in 2015. Starting with the tenth-most uniquely viewed post, this list builds up to the first-most uniquely viewed post.

10. "Tracking Receipts: Why One Church Has Only One Credit Card" by Michelle Dowell

Church business administrators are sometimes given the responsibility of asking church staff for receipts from purchases made on church credit cards. A church business administrator shares what his church does to make this easier.

9. "A Tool to Increase Giving: The Church Bulletin" by Jason MacGregor

How your church displays the financial update in the weekly church bulletin is very important and affects giving. Jason MacGregor shares tips on how to do that well.

8. "16 Tips for Writing Charitable Contribution Statements" by Ben Stroup

Learn ways to improve your giving statement so that it encourages more donations.

7. "The Church Stewardship Prime Directive" by Karl Vaters

Here's one finance principle that should trump all others.

6. "What Churches and Clergy Should Note from the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling" by Matt Branaugh and Samuel Ogles

In June, the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision allowed same-sex marriage. Many people were wondering what this means for religious liberty.

5. "Top 5 Reasons Churches Went to Court in 2014" by Richard R. Hammar

Use this list to know what common legal liabilities and risk management concerns should be addressed—or possibly even prevented altogether—by proper planning from pastors, church staff, church boards, and volunteers.

4. "4 Questions from the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling" by Richard R. Hammar

Richard Hammar answers four questions about the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to allow same-sex marriage.

3. "Court’s Marriage Ruling Creates Uncertainty for Churches, Clergy" by Matt Branaugh

The Supreme Court’s ruling lacks an explicit religious exemption, opening the door for future challenges, experts say.

2. "Photos on Church Websites—Learning From Our Costly Mistake" by Ed Marino

How using images from Internet searches can lead to trouble.

1. "New IRS Guidance on ACA Taxes and Fines"

A notice provided temporary relief on $100 per day per employee penalties.

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