Management Roundup: Negligent Hiring Makes Churches Vulnerable
Plus four other trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week.
Management Roundup: Negligent Hiring Makes Churches Vulnerable

1. Negligent hiring makes churches vulnerable. "[T]he term negligence refers to conduct that creates an unreasonable risk of foreseeable harm to others. It connotes carelessness, heedlessness, inattention, or inadvertence. It is important to recognize that churches are not 'guarantors' of the safety and well-being of children. They are not absolutely liable for every injury that occurs on their premises or in the course of their activities. Generally, they are responsible only for those injuries that result from their negligence. Negligent selection simply means that the church failed to act responsibly and with due care in the selection of workers (both volunteer and compensated) for positions involving the supervision or custody of minors" ("Negligent Selection of Church Workers—Sexual Misconduct Cases Involving Minor Victims," by Richard R. Hammar, Pastor, Church & Law, Volume 4: Liability & Church and State Issues). Richard Hammar cites a recent case in which a church may be liable for a molestation allegation due to negligent hiring in the latestChurch Law & Tax Report.

2. The holy act of scheduling. "In my interview with Bill Hybels from the Spring issue of Leadership, I asked him what changes he'd made to simplify his life. He talked about scheduling. 'I know that sounds like such a boring subject,' he said, 'but sitting down before God with a calendar and a submitted spirit is one of the holiest things you can do'" ("It's Complicated," by Drew Dyck,

3. Give your family veto power over your ministry schedule. "[A pastoral mentor of mine is] an incredibly busy man, but he somehow manages his schedule well. Here's what he taught me: involve your [spouse] before you make a commitment that requires you to be away from home after work hours. Be prepared to change your schedule if your family says, 'We need you at home.' You'll be less likely to lose your family in the midst of busyness if they have opportunity to help you plan your schedule" ("10 Ideas from Wise Leaders," by Chuck Lawless,

4. To reach peak performance, give yourself 20 minutes. "Flow is when you're in the zone. This happens when you are completely absorbed in your activity, singlemindedly accomplishing things at a high level and rapid pace. It takes some time to reach flow, so if you don't feel productive or engaged in your work, just give it some time"

("16 Tips for Getting 90 Percent of Your Work Done Before Lunch," by Neil Patel,

5. Optimize office space for better productivity. "To design your offices to improve organizational culture, workflows, and employee satisfaction, think more directly about how to meet people's needs. One way to start: Gauge peak workload times and think about how your space can encourage more departmental cross-pollination during down time. Optimize the most popular spaces and reform conference room duds. Coffee bars, communal tables, and quiet rooms can be more productive uses of space than underutilized meeting rooms" ("Design Offices to Be More Like Neighborhoods," by Max Chopovsky,

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