Church Insurance Applications • Modeling Stewardship • Build Social Awareness: Management Roundup
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    Church Insurance Applications • Modeling Stewardship •  Build Social Awareness: Management Roundup

    1. Use caution with church insurance applications. "Material misrepresentations made by an insured in an application for insur­ance may result in a denial of coverage by the insurer. To illustrate, if a church falsely indicates on its insurance application that it does not operate a preschool, it may be denied coverage for any injuries occurring to children in its preschool. Misrepresentations often are more negligent than intentional, since insurance applications often are completed by staff members or vol­unteers who have little financial sophistication and are overwhelmed by the complexity of the form" ("Going to Court with Your Insurance Company," by Richard R. Hammar, 8 Legal Pitfalls for Pastors (and How to Avoid Them)). Insurance disputes remain one of the top reasons churches go to court each year.

    2. Walk the talk with stewardship. "Generosity is an often intangible force that trickles down from you to your people and results in specific actions. As your people see you being generous with resources to support them, making them more comfortable, and giving them the best opportunity to grow, they will begin to adopt that same spirit of generosity. However, if your actions reflect an attitude of scarcity, your people will act in the same vein and approach giving with a scarcity mentality. Paul convicts us on this point in Romans 2:3–4. … We are quick to judge others for not being faithful in their giving, but we are not always being faithful in the ways we give to them. We are not modeling the outward expression of a generous heart. And yes, we are called to give to our people—sacrificially, even" ("Creating a Culture of Generosity," by Nelson Searcy, Developing a Culture of Stewardship,

    3. Evaluating ministry effectiveness. "How do you know your mission is the 'right' mission? Two simple criteria would be:

    • How close is your mission to the mission Jesus gave us to do (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:47, John 20:21, Acts 1:8, etc.)?
    • Can every ministry leader align what they do and how they do it under the mission statement? Remember, every use of resources that does not go towards fulfilling the mission is a waste of resources. The more squishy, vague, and non specific your church's ministry statement is, the more latitude the ministry leaders will have just to do their own thing"

    ("Starting with Why: Getting More Traction in Your Ministry," by Eric Swanson,

    4. Be a less autocratic leader. "Trying to lead a seasoned, highly skilled team through command-and-control won't work. These groups need leaders who are emotionally and intellectually agile, and able to modulate styles as needed. To be less autocratic, try shifting:

    • From self-awareness to social awareness.
    • From directive to inquisitive.
    • From power over to power with."

    (Adapted from "Learn to Become a Less Autocratic Manager," by Jeffrey W. Hull,

    5. Notable quote. "You manage things; you lead people." —Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (via Kevin Kruse,

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