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Tracking Receipts: Why One Church Has Only One Credit Card
Five reasons this has worked well
Managing Underperforming Staff Members You've Inherited
Advice to help you navigate a touchy subject
12 Frequent Burdens of Church Staff
Address these common frustrations to help those serving thrive.
Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock Resigns amid Inquiries into Misuse of Finances
A warning for leaders not to overstate reimbursable expenses.
Q&A: Is Posting Prayer Lists an Invasion of Privacy?
One key step in publically sharing the needs of your congregation
10 Best Practices to Help Volunteer Leaders Succeed
Time-tested tips for keeping and attracting good workers.
The Most Unique and Challenging Aspects of Church Finance
CPA Michael E. Batts shares how he felt drawn to the subject and what's facing church leaders today
Why Churches Change Their Names
Here are six reasons churches take on a new name
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The 4 Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards

The 4 Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards Member access only

Understand key legal concepts necessary to protect the board and the church.
Avoiding Church Lawsuits

Avoiding Church Lawsuits Member access only

Create proactive procedures to avoid common reasons why churches most often go to court.