Raising Missions Support • Mentoring Breeds Succession • Making Vacation Time Count: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week.
Raising Missions Support • Mentoring Breeds Succession • Making Vacation Time Count: Management Roundup

1. Raising support for youth ministry mission trips. “If parents pay for their child’s short-term mission trip travel expenses, can they claim a charitable contribution deduction? That depends on whether the parent is supporting the child directly or through the church. If the parents pay the church an amount sufficient to cover the travel expenses of their child on a church-approved mission trip, then it is likely that this payment will be tax-deductible. However, if parents pay their child’s travel expenses directly, or send funds to their child to cover travel expenses, the deduction is in doubt” (“Venturing Into Missions and Outreach,” the Essential Guide to Youth Ministry Safety eBook, ChurchLawAndTaxStore.com).

2. To mentor is to create strong succession. “When he was in his 70s, our treasurer—who had held court in the church finance office for decades—agreed to mentor a new guy in his 30s. He told this young man, ‘I am going to see to it that you are successful here.’ And he did. At the end of last year, the older leader passed away, but he left his young replacement thriving as the church treasurer. I remember when we added a 30-year-old man to our elder board. We had some animated discussion about it. … But we knew him, his character, and his heart. … Since becoming an elder, this young man has been a good leader for us, playing a vital role in the oversight and encouragement of the church body (“Transform Your Church’s Leadership,” by Randy Haspar, LeadershipJournal.net).

3. How to express authentic admiration. “Here are three tips to share your admiration with someone:

Be ready. Make sure it is a good time for you and the receiver to share your message.

Be specific about what you admire. Be very detailed. Examples are a powerful way to have it hit home.

Do not have an alternative agenda. Share your thoughts and appreciation. Do not follow it with any expectations or tasks for the person to do”

(“In the Name of Admiration: Three Tips to Share,” Fierce Inc.).

4. What leadership is really about. “While some leaders think that their jobs are to get others to do what they, the leaders want, leadership is actually a matter of getting to know people and helping them do what they want to do. Leaders will help team members understand how they define success, what gives them energy, what drains them, and what they truly value in life” (“The Most Important Leadership Idea, Today” by Dan Rockwell, leadershipfreak.wordpress.com).

5. When vacation time doesn’t feel like vacation. “An employee’s total annual work time declines by only 29 hours, on average, for every week of vacation he or she takes, according to an analysis of data on 24,000 Canadian workers,” HBR.org reports. “The implication of the finding is that employees work additional hours to compensate for their time-off absences,” according to the data researcher (“Vacation Leave, Work Hours, and Wages,” by Ali Fakih, iza.org). Help your church staff get the rest they need through Managing Stress for Church Leaders, a downloadable resource available on ChurchLawAndTaxStore.com.

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