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How Recent Changes to Form I-9 and the R-1 Visa Process Affect Churches
What church leaders need to know about recent changes to workers’ immigration forms and processes
For-Profit vs. Church Financial Management
The head of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability shares the differences to help people transition from the business world into a nonprofit ministry.
Improving Search Engine Optimization for Church Websites
And why this matters for your church.
How to Safely Use Copyrighted Video During Church Services
An attorney answers the most common questions she receives about video copyright.
Planning for Facility Repairs and Ongoing Maintenance
Facilities expert says ignoring facility issues can be extremely costly in the long run.
5 Digital Tools for Managing Church Volunteers
Some handy electronic resources with the potential to revolutionize your volunteer management.
What Churches Should Learn from the Recent DDoS Attack
Technological vulnerabilities exist, but some steps can help minimize risks.
Senior Pastor's Role in Building a Culture of Generosity
Three Benefits of Bulletin Inserts
And why limiting the number of inserts is important.
What Churches Can Do About the Most Common Discrimination Charge: Retaliation
How welcoming reports of wrongdoing actually helps your church.
What Would Repealing the Johnson Amendment Actually Mean for Churches?
How a repeal of the amendment that prohibits political endorsements could affect pastors and churches.
Matching Grants vs. Challenge Grants
Why one is better in church fundraising.
4 Ways Pastors Can Leverage Facebook Live
Use this video feature to connect more with people in your church.
    Court Rules Against Federal Transgender Guidelines • Documents Fail Privilege: News Roundup
    This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders.
    The Secret Struggle of Pastors and Finances
    For many pastors, finances are a huge problem—but one they won’t tell you about.
    Interview: Churches and the State of Ministry Litigation
    If you examine the annual lawsuits against churches, the results may surprise you.
    Should Churches Have Email Newsletters?
    Six reasons your church might benefit from this.
    Interview: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in the Church
    What churches should know and the steps they should take to protect children.
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