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BREAKING—New Overtime Rule Challenged by Officials from 21 States
Two new federal lawsuits seek to block the Department of Labor’s overtime changes.
    Disaster Ministry Expert Receives FEMA Award
      Court Rules Against Federal Transgender Guidelines • Documents Fail Privilege: News Roundup
      This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders.
        Changing the Financial Climate for Pastors
        Lee Dean
        The Secret Struggle of Pastors and Finances
        For many pastors, finances are a huge problem—but one they won’t tell you about.
        Interview: Churches and the State of Ministry Litigation
        If you examine the annual lawsuits against churches, the results may surprise you.
        Should Churches Have Email Newsletters?
        Six reasons your church might benefit from this.
        Interview: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in the Church
        What churches should know and the steps they should take to protect children.
        Interview: The Definition—and Danger—of 'Inurement'
        Richard Hammar offers a definition for a common mistake that can have serious consequences.
        Who Should Know What People Give?
        A look at six perspectives.
          The Zika Virus and International Church Trips
          What churches need to know before they travel.
          Accountability Systems
          One basic principle and six simple steps help protect a church's finances.
          Interview: Facility Use and Public Accommodation
          What churches should keep in mind when renting out their facilities.
          Creating a Culture of Innovation and Initiative
          How church leaders can encourage church staff.
          Interview: Ministers and the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage
          Does the Court’s ruling affect ministers?
          Developing People on Your Team
          10 inexpensive ways to encourage staff members to grow.
          Renting Versus Buying Your Church’s Facility
          What churches should consider before making a costly or permanent decision.
          Measuring Your Church's Cash Reserves
          Adequate cash reserves are necessary for a church to meet its obligations on time in spite of fluctuations in monthly revenue.
          10 Commandments for Pastors, Politics, and Social Media
          Before you post, read these reminders.
          How to Use Slack in Your Church
          An online tool helps improve church staff communication.
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