Should Churches Have Email Newsletters?
Six reasons your church might benefit from this.
Should Churches Have Email Newsletters?

In addition to a weekly bulletin, churches have often used weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters to better communicate with guests and members. As costs to produce and print newsletters have increased and budget funds designated for them have decreased, they have all but vanished from churches. Instead of replacing them with digital versions, many churches abandoned the practice altogether.

In doing so, another problem was created: bulletins and announcement times became overcrowded. The result was not better communication, but too much being communicated and less information being retained.

Instead of relying on a weekly bulletin or a brief two-minute announcement time in the service, consider using an email newsletter to more effectively communicate with guests and members. Here are reasons your church should have an email newsletter:

Email newsletters inform all church members, not just this week’s attendees.

If some people don’t make it to the worship service, they don’t hear the announcements. Email newsletters allow you to communicate to everyone at once.

Email newsletters allow for comprehensive information.

If you were to get a separate email for each activity or ministry in the church, it would be too much. One simple newsletter that covers all the ministries of the church is much easier to digest for church members than individual emails. Some age-level ministries may need their own newsletters, but a separate email is not needed for every ministry in the church.

Digital newsletters are cheaper and more effective than print.

Minimal production costs are one of the main benefits of digital newsletters. Many providers offer free email newsletter services for small lists. For bigger lists, even a paid service would cost just pennies on the dollar compared to a printed newsletter.

Email allows immediate action.

With one click, members or guests can take action. Whether that’s signing up for a class or volunteering, registering for an event, or giving to a special offering, email offers the recipient the opportunity to act immediately without having to remember to do so later.

Analytics track what gets attention.

As the sender of the email, you can see what is of interest to those who read it. That can help you know where to place important information or what to include (or exclude) in future newsletters.

Increased awareness of online giving increases stewardship.

If your church has online giving, reminding your members about that option in your weekly email newsletter is a must. For those who may be traveling, a small button with the option for giving electronically may be the difference in giving or not giving their tithes and offerings.

Jonathan Howe is director of strategic initiatives of Lifeway Christian Resources.

This postwas adapted from an article that first appeared at on January 21, 2016. Used with permission.

For information on church IT strategies and solutions, check outChurch ITby Nick B. Nicholaou.

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