Church Records • Timely Help • Generous Churches: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week.
Church Records • Timely Help • Generous Churches: Management Roundup

1. What are church records? "State nonprofit corporation laws generally require incorporated churches to maintain the following records:

  • Correct and complete books and records of account;
  • Minutes of the proceedings of its members;
  • Minutes of the proceedings of its board of directors;
  • Resolutions of its board of directors;
  • Minutes of the proceedings of committees; and
  • A current list of voting members.

These documents, in addition to the corporate charter, constitution, bylaws, certificate of incorporation, correspondence, insurance policies, employment files, contracts, and tax forms and documentation constitute the records of a church corporation" ("Retention of Church Records," by Richard R. Hammar, Church Finance).

2. Get productive using a timer. "Set a tomato timer and work till it dings. But people swear by 'The Pomodoro Technique,' a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. It involves breaking down work into 25-minute intervals and resting for short breaks between. And of course you can use a tomato timer (physical or virtual) to mark the intervals" ("Top 10 Productivity Tools for Pastors," by Drew Dyck,

3. The power of 'thank you.' "There are common traits in churches that have increased generosity from their community—among the six distinguishing practices: Churches with increasing generosity have a simple system built around thanking first-time donors. People who give to your church choose from a wide variety of options for giving … show some appreciation" ("6 Practices of Churches with Increasing Generosity," by Rich Birch,

4. Keeping everyone on task after a meeting. "To make sure productivity doesn't slow down after you walk out of a meeting, send out clear and concise meeting notes within 24 hours and follow up on the commitments made. These notes should state each topic you discussed, the key takeaways, and a list of specific actions along with who will do them and when. Use the notes to keep everyone on track until you meet again. Assign someone to check in with the group at appropriate intervals to ensure that the commitments are all being kept as promised or reevaluated if something unexpected comes up" ("Two Things to Do After Every Meeting," by Paul Axtell,

5. Mentally prepare for the unexpected. "Use this simple hack to sharpen your emotional intelligence: How well can you manage your emotions if you're never prepared for what's next? Being reactionary is a sure-fire recipe for emotional reactions. Instead, start projecting potential outcomes each time you make a decision, even if some seem like a stretch. Imagine how you'll react to each one, so you're not completely caught off guard. You'll eventually find that even if the outcome isn't one you predicted, you're better able to handle each one and think on the fly!" ("5 Simple Hacks to Sharpen Your Emotional Intelligence," by Larry Kim,

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