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July 2016

Interview: Ministers and the Supreme Court’s Decision on Same-Sex Marriage
Does the Court’s ruling affect ministers?
Developing People on Your Team
10 inexpensive ways to encourage staff members to grow.
Renting Versus Buying Your Church’s Facility
What churches should consider before making a costly or permanent decision.
Measuring Your Church's Cash Reserves
Adequate cash reserves are necessary for a church to meet its obligations on time in spite of fluctuations in monthly revenue.
10 Commandments for Pastors, Politics, and Social Media
Before you post, read these reminders.
How to Use Slack in Your Church
An online tool helps improve church staff communication.
Churches and the Americans with Disabilities Act
How compliance helps churches welcome all people—including individuals with disabilities.
Become a Church Law & Tax Member



Experience a whole new way to set compensation. Eliminate the guesswork – get access to detailed compensation reports in just minutes.

Understanding Wage and Hour Laws

Understanding Wage and Hour Laws Member access only

Learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it applies to churches.
Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan

Creating a Disaster Preparation and Response Plan Member access only

Learn the steps you can take now so you are ready to respond if a crisis unfolds.