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March 2016

7 Tips for Developing a Funding Plan
Ways to encourage generosity at your church.
Interview Questions Prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act
What you should and shouldn't ask an applicant.
The Effect of Rising Health Care Costs on Churches
How some churches are responding to a new reality.
Christian Leaders Disagree, So Who Deserves My Vote?
How Christian voters can rightly discern political issues.
A Closer Look at Church Internship and Residency Programs
Examining the statistics behind a growing ministry phenomenon.
Meeting IRS Requirements When a Pastor Runs for Office
How one church navigated the tricky issue of political involvement.
Same-Sex Marriage Cases of Church Healthcare, Employment, and Protections: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders.
The High Price of “Harmless” Integrity Deficits
How white lies and exaggeration are hurting your ministry.
Scalia, the Supreme Court, and Your Church
What the justice’s death could mean for cases affecting churches.
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Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches

Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches Member access only

Richard Hammar explains how to avoid copyright infringement.
Reducing the Risk

Reducing the Risk Member access only

Keep your church safe from child sexual abuse.