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Why Your Salary May Not Be All You Want It to Be
A church administrator’s perspective.
Paying Your Pastor
Tips and insights for setting compensation
Best Practices for Installing Security Cameras at Your Church
How to make the most of surveillance technology.
11 Ways to Love Your Leader
Tips for making the most of Pastor Appreciation Month.
How to Recognize and Confront Fraud
Two telltale signs, and the best and worst ways to respond to suspected stealing.
Before You Fire Your Pastor
8 guidelines to consider.
Responding to Injuries at Church
What to do when employees or volunteers get hurt.
How Should Churches Respond to Hurricanes?
Guidance for ministries in the wake of a devastating natural disaster.
Protecting Your Church in Case of Allegations of Abuse
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Schools
The religious freedom victory now could mean others in the future.
Hiring Involves Strategic Planning and Careful Budgeting
An interview with Stan Reiff on key questions to ask before you hire new staff.
What a Pastoral Coach Says Pastors Need for Spiritual Self-Care
Ways to create a healthy rhythm in ministry work.
What Leaders Can Learn from Violent Incidents at Churches
2016 statistics show churches should look for signs of domestic abuse.
Church Cell Tower Leases and Zoning Laws
How to navigate the process smoothly and with minimal problems.
The Tricky World of Copier Leases and Purchases
What a church must consider before buying or leasing.
A Guide to 25-Minute Meetings for Church Leaders
Planning a productive (and short) meeting in which everyone gets a voice.
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Dealing with Dangerous People

Dealing with Dangerous People Member access only

This resource goes through safety measures to ward off dangerous individuals from entering your church.
Safety On the Road

Safety On the Road  Member access only

Discover the best ways to transport people safely.