Job-Hunting Well • 360-Degree Feedback • Getting Empathetic: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week.
Job-Hunting Well • 360-Degree Feedback • Getting Empathetic: Management Roundup

1. With ministry job searches, don’t covet. “As pastors, we all have times when we feel stuck. Like Moses, we say (in effect), ‘What am I to do with these people (Ex. 17:4)?’ We’re begging, ‘God, get me outta here.’ There were times in my previous church when it was tough enough that I just wanted somewhere, anywhere, else to go. Applying for another position can turn up the burner on those feelings. It heightens your discontent. You begin imagining your hot, sweet ministry in that other congregation, and this dreamy coveting can make things in your current church look worse (way worse, possibly, than they really are). So, for this reason too, when the email or phone call comes telling you that you didn’t get it, it can be quite crushing. You feel even more stuck. So keep it loose. Use self-talk like, ‘Hmm. Looks interesting. I guess I’ll throw in an application.’ Don’t get over-invested. Don’t put all your hopes there. Don’t let yourself get too dreamy. Throw in the application, say a prayer, and get back to caring for your current flock” (“Leaving Your Church the Right Way,” by Keith Mannes, Are you a minister or staff member in the midst of a job search? Or are you from a church searching for someone to hire? Don’t forget ChurchSalary for setting compensation for positions.

2. Giving comprehensive feedback. “360-degree feedback synthesizes many people’s perspectives about an employee and his performance, giving you a much more complete view of the person than you’d get otherwise. But gathering and putting together these reports can be time-consuming, and people may be uncomfortable formally criticizing their colleagues. So if you choose to implement a 360-degree feedback process, you should first explain to people that it’s meant to be constructive, not punitive. When gathering opinions, ask for specific examples about what the employee is doing well and what they should work on. Make sure to diversify your pool of respondents by asking several peers, direct reports, and internal and external customers for input. Once you’ve collected their feedback, select what would be relevant to your performance review and use this data to supplement your observations” (“Performance Reviews,”

3. Getting empathetic. “Check out this super simple hack that will help you sharpen your emotional intelligence and enjoy all of the benefits that it affords: ‘Walk a mile in their shoes.’ When someone gets under your skin, try to look at the situation from their perspective. Examine it from all angles. Is it possible you're reading into the situation, or that their intent might be different from your understanding of it? Take a step back and think on their possible motivations before reacting” (“5 Simple Hacks to Sharpen Your Emotional Intelligence,” by Larry Kim,

4. Notable quote. "We must use time as a tool, not as a couch." –John F. Kennedy (via Kevin Daum,

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