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Hey, Fletch: Does Our Church Have Enough Insurance Coverage?
Leaders must understand what is—and isn’t—covered by their policies.
4 Common Mistakes in Annual Reviews of Pastors
And solutions to these problems to help strengthen these reviews.
Hey, Fletch: Can My Church Force Me to Retire at Age 65?
The legal and ministry considerations of an age-based retirement policy.
Hey, Fletch: What Should I Look for in an Online Giving Platform?
Four values every church should consider before making a choice.
Hey, Fletch: What Kind of Written Report Should We Give to the Church Board?
How this tool can reduce meeting times and enhance efficiency.
Churches: Note Time-Off Requirements for the Election
Check your state’s statute addressing what employers must provide.
5 Numbers to Watch this Fall
    Cybersecurity Month: Smart Devices in the Home and Office
    How some easy steps can prevent your most common devices from becoming a threat.
    Hey, Fletch: Would We Save Money by Outsourcing Our Church’s Cleaning?
    The cost may seem high, but the in-house expenses may surprise you.
    The Outsourcing Option
    Why your church might want to let an outside pro handle the books.
    When Clothing and Household Items Are Donated
    Churches may want to tell taxpayers that generosity is its own reward.
    Hey, Fletch: Should We Use Time Cards for Pastors?
    When work ethic comes into question, is documentation a suitable solution?
      Over 1,000 Children Abused by Pennsylvania Priests Over Decades
      New grand jury report catalogs astonishing breadth of child sexual abuse by priests.
      6 Common Problems with Church Bylaws
      Why bylaws can often hurt churches.
      Hey, Fletch: What’s the Best Way to Structure a Pay Scale?
      Tips for building a compensation plan that can grow with your church.
      How Can Churches Treat Their Staffs Well?
      An experienced executive pastor offers insights on compensation, job descriptions, and more.
      8 Reminders About Supplemental Income Projects
      Take these necessary precautions.
      Hey, Fletch: How Can We Have Healthy, Honest Meetings?
      Understand what a ‘four-wall discussion’ means.
      Hey, Fletch: How Does the New Tax Law Affect Moving Expenses?
      What the changed rules mean for churches.
      When Expenses Are Higher than Your Budget
      Does your policy have the answer on what to do?
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      Immigration & the Church

      Immigration & the Church Member access only

      Keep your church safe and legal and as you strive to serve the immigrant communities in your context.
      Managing the Legal Risks of Lay Counseling

      Managing the Legal Risks of Lay Counseling Member access only

      Develop specific policies and procedures that protect your church, lay caregivers, and those who receive care.