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    Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative Iterative approaches Iterative approaches Iterative approaches
    Hey, Fletch: What Should I Look for in an Online Giving Platform?
    Four values every church should consider before making a choice.
    Provide a Notice to Donors
    Now is a good time to give contributors this important filing information.
    Your IRA and 401(k) Contribution Limits Just Went up for 2019
    The IRS issued new guidance in November for cost-of-living increases.
    Hey, Fletch: What Kind of Written Report Should We Give to the Church Board?
    How this tool can reduce meeting times and enhance efficiency.
    Churches: Note Time-Off Requirements for the Election
    Check your state’s statute addressing what employers must provide.
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    Church Issues: Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Identity

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