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October 2018

    What’s Next in the Clergy Housing Allowance Challenge
    Oral arguments next week move this controversial case closer to resolution.
      How to Turn Salary Data into a Real Compensation Package
      Join us for our October 24 webinar to learn how to go from objective data to subjective context.
        Hey, Fletch: Is Our Church Website Violating Copyright Law?
        Streaming music and other activities raise several legal issues.
        5 Numbers to Watch this Fall
          Cybersecurity Month: Smart Devices in the Home and Office
          How some easy steps can prevent your most common devices from becoming a threat.
          Are You Texting Employees on the Road?
          Your church may be liable if an accident happens.
          Hey, Fletch: Would We Save Money by Outsourcing Our Church’s Cleaning?
          The cost may seem high, but the in-house expenses may surprise you.
          The Outsourcing Option
          Why your church might want to let an outside pro handle the books.
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