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Court Dismisses Pregnancy-Related Lawsuit Brought Against Church
Judge says the facts of the case demonstrate firing was based on religious doctrine.
Hey, Fletch: Is Our Church’s Overall Budget for Salaries Too High?
Excessive compensation is based on individual pay, not on the total amount budgeted for staff.
Preventing Abuse in Youth Ministries
Churches need to develop solid boundaries and a good reporting structure.
    How to Take a Vote in 5 Easy Steps
    Sorting Out Immigration Law for Churches
    Navigating the volatile, unpredictable nature of this legal hot topic.
    Unpaid Payroll Taxes: A Hidden Liability for Churches and Leaders
    A recent case in the for-profit world underscores the potential threat.
    Seventh Circuit: Clergy Housing Allowance Is Constitutional
    Appellate court reverses lower court ruling, preserving valuable tax benefit.
    A Peek Inside How Churches Spend Their Money
    The trends from the past 20 years—and how you can help us better understand them in 2019.
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    Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches

    Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches Member access only

    Richard Hammar explains how to avoid copyright infringement.
    Setting a Pastor's Pay

    Setting a Pastor's Pay Member access only

    Richard Hammar explains legal and tax matters for planning the pastors compensation.