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The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2019
Headlines that drew the most interest on ManagingYourChurch.com
    Tech Support for Windows 7 Ends Soon—Is Your Church Ready?
    Microsoft will stop issuing updates or patches for the popular operating system.
    Will Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Become Illegal?
    High court’s decision could have implications for the hiring and firing practices of churches.
      Q&A: Should Policies and Procedures Be Separate Documents?
      A church business manager shares best practices learned through the process.
      Are Churches Legally Required to Issue Statements for Every Contribution?
      Reader: What about a one-time donation of only $10?
      Tackling Potential Legal Issues in the Church
      A national conference offers a balance of professional expertise and spiritual fellowship for Christian leaders.
      New Email Scam Targets Payroll
      Churches should verify that requests for bank account changes are legitimate.
      Is Your Church Paying Fair Salaries?
      Attracting and keeping quality employees while practicing good stewardship.
        The Newest Technology Isn’t Always the Best Technology
        Before your next tech purchase, use these three tips.
        Shining a Light on How Churches Spend Money
        New survey results provide insights on budget trends and decisions nationwide.
        Why "Legal" Matters More Than Ever
        Churches can no longer fly under the radar, explains attorney Erika Cole.
        Abuse and Embezzlement—Why Churches Continue to Struggle with Both
        XPastor.org Founder David Fletcher reflects on the sobering trends his research revealed.
        New Scam: Emails Target Worshipers
        Leaders should warn congregants about this phony “contribution” scam.
        How to Create IT Game Plans for Successful Ministry
        Free webinar will help you make smart decisions that fit your church’s needs and budget.
        The Financial Struggles of Real Pastors
        Most pastors feel the financial squeeze, despite the hype surrounding mega-rich celebrity pastors. "Bless Your Pastor" is one way congregations can respond.
        Few Church Leaders Discuss Abuse Crisis Says Pew Research
        Most startling is how little church-goers in Protestant faith traditions indicated leaders actively raised the topic.
        Six Insights About Summer Slump
        Some churches keep their ministries robust during the so-called “downtime.”
        Religious and Individual Giving Dipped in 2018
        Newly released philanthropy report reveals decreases in giving that may, in part, be due to tax policy changes.
        Hey, Fletch: Are Discounts to Church Events Taxable Income?
        Understanding what IRS Publication 15-B and IRC Section 132(a)(2) does and doesn’t say.
        Atheist Organization Opts Not to Appeal Housing Allowance Ruling
        Group says its arguments hold merit, but success at Supreme Court unlikely.
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