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    Tech Support for Windows 7 Ends Soon—Is Your Church Ready?
    Microsoft will stop issuing updates or patches for the popular operating system.
      Q&A: Should Policies and Procedures Be Separate Documents?
      A church business manager shares best practices learned through the process.
      Is Your Church Paying Fair Salaries?
      Attracting and keeping quality employees while practicing good stewardship.
        The Newest Technology Isn’t Always the Best Technology
        Before your next tech purchase, use these three tips.
        The Financial Struggles of Real Pastors
        Most pastors feel the financial squeeze, despite the hype surrounding mega-rich celebrity pastors. "Bless Your Pastor" is one way congregations can respond.
        Six Insights About Summer Slump
        Some churches keep their ministries robust during the so-called “downtime.”
        Hey, Fletch: Are Discounts to Church Events Taxable Income?
        Understanding what IRS Publication 15-B and IRC Section 132(a)(2) does and doesn’t say.
        Could Your Church Face an ADA Noncompliance Lawsuit for Its Website or App?
        What to know about this rising trend in litigation.
        With Interest Rates Up, Should Churches Borrow to Build?
        Some considerations regarding debt to fund expansion or new construction.
        Hey, Fletch: Is Our Church’s Overall Budget for Salaries Too High?
        Excessive compensation is based on individual pay, not on the total amount budgeted for staff.
        When the Church Office Closes for Bad Weather, Does Everyone Get Paid?
        The legal—and logical—considerations regarding how to handle an office closure.
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