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September 2019

Tackling Potential Legal Issues in the Church
A national conference offers a balance of professional expertise and spiritual fellowship for Christian leaders.
New Email Scam Targets Payroll
Churches should verify that requests for bank account changes are legitimate.
Is Your Church Paying Fair Salaries?
Attracting and keeping quality employees while practicing good stewardship.
    The Newest Technology Isn’t Always the Best Technology
    Before your next tech purchase, use these three tips.
    Shining a Light on How Churches Spend Money
    New survey results provide insights on budget trends and decisions nationwide.
    Become a Church Law & Tax Member



    Let ChurchSalary do the work. Get personalized compensation reports for staff and pastors.

    Understanding Labor Laws

    Understanding Labor Laws Member access only

    Regulations that pertain to hiring, firing, paying, disciplining, and supervising ministry employees.
    The 4 Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards

    The 4 Hour Legal Training Program for Church Boards Member access only

    Understand key legal concepts necessary to protect the board and the church.