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How to Interview Your Next Church
A seasoned executive pastor shares how he learned about his next job.

One day, I received an e-mail from a senior pastor I didn't know who leads The Chapel, an 11,000-person church in Ohio. As the founder of XPastor.org, I get a good number of "can you help me?" e-mails. In this case, Paul was looking for a new executive pastor. As I always do, ...

Fast Ideas for Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers
Ideas from churches at the Cultivate Conference to recruit--and keep--more help.

I'm live at the Cultivate Conference '09 in Chicago today (see my other updates on Twitter: @MattBranaugh). This gathering of a couple of hundred church leaders primarily focuses on communication inside and outside of church walls, but one of the breakout sessions in the morning ...

Kevin Ford on Leading Change
What to preserve--and what to change--prior to exploring facility questions.

Editor's Note: Marian Liautaud, editor of BuildingForMinistry.com, is blogging live this week from the Cornerstone Knowledge Network's Alignment4 Conference and WFX. She posted this live dispatch on Tuesday (watch for more throughout the week):

Kevin Ford is the Chief Visionary ...

Get Organized!
Tips and tricks from an efficiency expert.

A number of years ago, my church needed an office manager. Aware of my experience as an executive assistant, the pastor offered me the job. I was looking for change, so this new position seemed like a win-win. After my first day, I wondered what I had gotten myself into!

I discovered ...

Engaging Congregation Members in Community Ministry
How the right planning and logistics can maximize effectiveness.

All around the United States, congregations are reaching out to their neighbors with creative community ministry programs. Churches are providing after-school and job training programs, developing affordable housing, offering medical care, opening day care centers, and distributing ...

Is This Gossip?
9 questions to help you decide.
Is This Gossip?

One challenge in ministry is confidentiality—that is, how open can you be about someone else? These nine questions can help you decide whether what you know should be shared.

1. Am I telling this to someone who can do something about the problem by helping the person or ...

Raising the Bar in Tough Times

In this uncertain economy, with so many churches scrambling to reduce expenses, the role of the church administrator inevitably will come under the bright light of scrutiny. Because of this uncertainty, church administrators need to spend time reflecting on ways to showcase—and ...

What Computers and Phones Do Church Staff Need?
Answers to common questions about computers and phones.

Editor's Note: The author's consulting firm doesn't sell or distribute any hardware or software, or receive any compensation for referrals. The firm's work for many years with hundreds of churches led to the recommendations outlined here.

Many people make one of two mistakes ...

4 Reasons NOT to Cut Conferences
Why these events are important for your staff.

During tough economic times, many churches are looking at cutting all travel for training and events, but that may not be the wisest decision. Here's why:

Care. The church is about people caring for people, so your most important resource is people! They need to be trained and ...

Making Comparisons for Church Purchases

As a consumer in the marketplace, a local church faces the inevitability of making purchasing choices. Ford or Chevy? Plain or peanut? A lot or a little?

Wise choices are made from informed methods of comparison shopping. Executive pastors and church administrators identified ...



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