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Managing Your Church Blog, January, 2016
Do Ministers of Small Churches Need to Know Employment Laws?
Why it's worth investing time in learning these.
Do Ministers of Small Churches Need to Know Employment Laws?

Many young ministers and ministers of new churches ask whether it's worth investing the time learning employment laws applicable to larger, more established churches. The answer is yes.

Our family's home church grew from 1 employee to over 700 in a remarkably short amount of time. Admittedly, those are some unusual numbers, but it is common for a young church to quickly employ 15 (an important threshold number in employment law), 50 (another important threshold number), or 100 or more employees.

I've had countless conversations with young ministers beginning their careers. Not once has one said there were no plans to grow the size of the church. Never. Some we met with now lead many of the largest churches in the country.

If you plan on growing your church, then you'll soon be hiring employees—and you will need to know about employment law.

Adapted from "Reviewing Your Church's Employment Policies and Practices," Church Law & Tax Report, November/December 2015.

Learn more about employment law in Pastor, Church & Law, Volume 3: Employment Law by Richard R. Hammar.