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Managing Your Church Blog, December, 2018
    The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2018
    Clergy housing, avoiding scams, and itemizations top the list of readers’ clicks this year.
    The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2018

    The most popular articles in 2018 on show an acute interest in the big legal story this year: what’s happening with the clergy housing allowance. Apart from those pieces (below), readers also showed interest—via page views—in being aware of a new scam, the rising statistics of violence on religious property, and the effects of the recent tax reform. Also popular were pieces on religious freedom, volunteers and liability, understanding clergy payroll taxes, and a perennial issue: increasing giving. Below are the blog articles that received the most page views in 2018.

    1. What’s the Status of the Clergy Housing Allowance?
      Emily Lund
      Updates on court timelines, the appeal, and more.
    2. What to Know About a New Donation Scam
      Mike Batts and Danny Johnson
      Why churches should be careful about refund requests.
    3. A Closer Look at the Housing Allowance
      Matt Branaugh and Emily Lund
      What this tax benefit means for churches nationwide.
    4. Pastors Can No Longer Itemize Deductions for Business Expenses
      The Editors of Church Law & Tax
      What you should know in light of recent tax reform.
    5. What’s Next in the Clergy Housing Allowance Challenge
      The Editors of Church Law & Tax
      Oral arguments next week move this controversial case closer to resolution.
    6. Violence at Churches in 2017
      Carl Chinn
      The most violent year for faith-based organizations in the United States.
    7. When Volunteers Drive for Your Church
      Interview with attorney Frank Sommerville by Bobby Ross Jr.
      Tips for handling this critical area of risk-management.
    8. The Minister and the Church’s Payroll Tax Obligations
      Elaine Sommerville
      Key tips on navigating withholding.
    9. 9 Ways to Reverse a Downward Giving Trend
      Karl Vaters
      Some steps to help turnaround giving in your church.
    10. Supreme Court Sides with Christian Baker in Major Religious Freedom Case
      Emily Lund
      SCOTUS cites violation of baker’s First Amendment rights in ruling.