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Managing Your Church Blog, April, 2019
Communicating Financial Information
Communicating Financial Information

In your church, there are two groups of people you need to keep in mind when sharing financial information: your congregation and your leadership.

Regarding your congregation, it’s hard to say how much is too much or too little to share. For some churches, they have a history of sharing weekly updates, whereas other churches may share a financial update once per month, quarter, or year. So, how often you choose to update your church is up to you. Just aim to be consistent with your frequency.

Now, if your church has a financial emergency, then it may be a good idea to inform your congregation. Before you spill the beans, consider talking through the situation and what you’re going to say with your church's leadership first. Talking with your leadership early will give them the information they need, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

For regularly sharing financial information with your leadership, consider including a financial update in your regular business meetings.