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December 13, 2019
Managing Your Church Blog, September, 2019
New Email Scam Targets Payroll
Churches should verify that requests for bank account changes are legitimate.
New Email Scam Targets Payroll

A new email scam poses a significant threat to employers including churches, says Batts Morrison Wales & Lee (BMWL). The accounting firm issued this warning on September 13:

BMWL has learned from multiple sources about a new attempted scam related to employee payroll direct deposit accounts. In yet another version of “spear phishing,” fraudsters send a genuine-looking email to the payroll department in an organization purporting to be from an employee, requesting a change in the bank account to which the employee’s payroll direct deposit is sent.

BMWL stressed that payroll departments should verify email requests for any changes “with employees independently of email,” which could include a phone call or an office visit.

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