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January 19, 2020
Managing Your Church Blog, December, 2019
The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2019
Headlines that drew the most interest on
The Top 10 Church Management Articles of 2019

Interest in the Seventh Circuit’s ruling on the housing allowance challenge topped the list of this year's 10 most-popular articles on

Along with a highly popular article on a new overtime rule, the list also revealed church leaders were drawn to write-ups on new email scams, church spending habits, and whether a congregation could be sued for websites that aren’t ADA-compliant.

The list is based on unique page views for articles published in 2019. Each post is highlighted below, starting with the tenth-most uniquely viewed post and building up to the first-most.

10. When the Church Office Closes for Bad Weather, Does Everyone Get Paid?
The legal—and logical—considerations regarding how to handle an office closure.
Sally Wagenmaker

9. Atheist Organization Opts Not to Appeal Housing Allowance Ruling
Group says its arguments hold merit, but success at Supreme Court unlikely.
Matthew Branaugh

8. Shining a Light on How Churches Spend Money
New survey results provide insights on budget trends and decisions nationwide.
The Editors

7. New Scam: Emails Target Worshipers
Leaders should warn congregants about this phony “contribution” scam.
The Editors

6. A Peek Inside How Churches Spend Their Money
The trends from the past 20 years—and how you can help us better understand them in 2019.
Matthew Branaugh

5. Q&A: Does a gift to support a camp counselor have tax implications?
Elaine Sommerville

4. New Email Scam Targets Payroll
Churches should verify that requests for bank account changes are legitimate.
The Editors

3. Could Your Church Face an ADA Noncompliance Lawsuit for Its Website or App?
What to know about this rising trend in litigation.
Nick Nicholaou

2. The New Overtime Rule Proposal: What Churches Should Note
The Editors

1. Seventh Circuit: Clergy Housing Allowance Is Constitutional
Appellate court reverses lower court ruling, preserving valuable tax benefit.
Matthew Branaugh