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Safety Awareness: Building the Right Team
Youth Ministry Roundtable: Part four of a five-part series focused on issues related to risk and safety.
8 Tips for Dealing with Church Staff and Volunteer Problems
How to have difficult conversations without losing good people
Is Your Facility Safe?
What OSHA can teach you about creating a safer church for staff, contracted workers, and the entire congregation.
IRS May Look Into Activities of 99 Churches
Agency appears ready to monitor church political activity again.
15 All-too-Common Church Facility Problems
Set a high standard for maintenance, safety, and overall look of your building.
6 Steps to Prevent Fraud
Protect your church from fraudulent activities.
The Church Stewardship Prime Directive
Here's one finance principle that should trump all others.
Salaries as a Percentage of Church Budget
Why churches must get the right balance, especially for a mortgage loan.
Q&A: Business Acumen Matters to Church Lenders
For a mortgage loan application, don’t assume a consultant is best.
May All Your Christmas Services Be Merry ... and Legal
Songs you can sing without the Grinch showing up with his team of lawyers.
Why Churches Change Their Names
Here are six reasons churches take on a new name
Photos on Church Websites—Learning From Our Costly Mistake
How using images from Internet searches can lead to trouble.
When to Postpone or Cancel Church Events
Guidelines for when safety and prudence trump the church’s schedule
Faith and Law Are Key Reasons for Vaccinations
Why ministry is helped when church leaders consider creating vaccination policies.
4 Ways to Overcome Biases against Missions Giving
How to encourage greater generosity in this important area of the church budget.
Volunteer Versus Employee Positions: How to Decide Which Is Best
Three ways to tell that it's time to hire.
6 Tips on Church Nursery Safety



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Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition

Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition Member access only

Learn which local, state, and federal laws apply to religious organizations.
Understanding Wage and Hour Laws

Understanding Wage and Hour Laws Member access only

Learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it applies to churches.