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Letters to Potential Donors of Mission Trips
Wording is more important than you might think.
Part 1: When Raises Aren’t Possible for Church Staff
One workplace expert offers several ways to honor employees.
Part 2: When Raises Aren’t Possible for Church Staff
Three more ways churches can reward employees.
Before You Share Your Space
What to know—and do—before opening your church to outside groups.
Trademarking the Church
When should churches seek legal protections for names and logos?
IRS Issues Alert for Scam Targeting Church Members, Seniors
Watch for these warning signs as scam circulates country.
Is a Confession to a Pastor Always Confidential?
Michigan child-rape case spotlights clergy-penitent privilege.
Rookie Pastors: Keep the Devil Out of the Details
Taxes, vacation time, and other things to clarify.
When Benevolence Ministry Becomes Risky
10 Tips for Counting Cash
Plus, best practices for making cash payouts
Should Our Church Start a Food Pantry?
Tips for deciding whether to launch this community-wide ministry.
8 Ways Churches Are Using Pinterest
How this surging visual aid for social media helps congregations.
Protecting Ourselves from Sex Offenders
One program models how churches can effectively minister to a despised population.
Cyber Risks at Church
New technologies bring new liabilities. Is your church exposed?
Building a Culture of Risk Management
Church boards, staffs must collaborate for the good of the ministry.



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Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures Member access only

Learn how to establish check-in procedures that keep children safe.
Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition

Pastor, Church & Law, Fifth Edition Member access only

Learn which local, state, and federal laws apply to religious organizations.